About Us

About Us

Meet the UCA Youth Council

Alinah Liu - Chief Editor

A high schooler from California, Alinah enjoys spending time with her friends and surfing the internet. She joined the UCA Youth Council to make a change in the world and help others. When she's not listening to aespa or watching episodes from Pripara, you can find Alinah doodling and watching live streamers.

Maya Wong - News Editor

Maya is a senior at Castro Valley High School in California. Through UCA, she hopes to advocate for AAPI history to be mentioned more in classrooms. Besides editing and posting articles for UCA, Maya is the online editor for her school's newspaper. She is also a rabid Taylor Swift fan, captain of the Varsity cheer team, and a Chinese folk dancer.

Angel Liang - Staff Writer

Angel Liang is a senior in high school based on the East Coast. Angel is a Chinese school volunteer, a violinist, and an activist. In her free time, she likes to write poetry, play video games, and listen to music.

Kyle Wang - Webmaster

Kyle is a senior at Radnor High School in Pennsylvania. He has lots of experience creating websites using programming languages such as HTML and CSS for various projects and nonprofit organizations such as UCA. Kyle is interested in maintaining the wisdom of our Chinese American elders, while also changing the narrative of what it means to be a proud Chinese American in today's society. In addition to outreach, Kyle also enjoys tutoring students in topics related to science and math and plays Ultimate Frisbee recreationally.

Jessica Zhang - Web Designer

Jessica is a sophomore at the John Cooper School, a private high school in the Houston area. Her most passionate interests include Visual and Performing arts. She is very involved with the communities around her and values her day to day relationships with the people she surrounds herself with. As the Web Designer of UCA, Jessica hopes to reel viewers in by implementing her artistic skills in to spreading UCA's mission and strives to contribute to UCA's growing reputations.