The Summer Before Freshman Year

We met in Venice, the “Floating City,” in warm April. Of course, that wasn’t when we actually met. We were always classmates, but that was the first time I truly saw you, thrust into the brightly lit stage. I had fun with you, walking through the beautifully decorated cathedrals, struggling to pick restaurants that had vegetarian and shellfish-free options, and of course, warding off any jokes insinuating you had feelings for me.

This last month has flown by, and before I knew it, summer blew her gentle breeze through my bedroom window. We are officially dating, two months before freshman year of college and we will perhaps become the 99% of high school relationships that fail to jump over the long-distance chasm. 

So, here is everything I want to do with you this summer before freshman year.

I want to finish annotating a love poetry book as a present for you. You really don’t like literature that much, so I hope this book, full of all my thoughts and feelings, might sway you a little bit.

I want to go on a picnic with you, bringing our favorite snacks and baked goods. You love being outside, and I love talking with you. We can even bake things together! You’ve never baked before, but I can teach you (oh, how I love nerding out on you). Your little brother will probably be in the kitchen the entire time, annoying the both of us, and we’ll get your mom to judge our final product.

I want you to show me around your home city, telling me which restaurants are good and pointing at the menu to introduce new dishes. We’re always going to Chinese restaurants, so I want you to share some of your culture with me as well.

I want to go to an aquarium with you and be entranced with your face, bathed in golden-blue light. We’ll walk through tunnels, dodging little kids and complaining about them the entire time. 

I want to go to a science museum, feeling a little out of place and humoring your STEMness as you explain everything to me. Truth is, I am enamored by your passion and intelligence and love hearing you share your interests (even if I make fun of you all the time for being a nerd). 

I want to share small moments of my life with you even if it’s through the phone. I want to go on walks with you while complaining about mosquitos. I want to throw a frisbee with you even though you have no idea how to throw one. 

Most of all, I want to be with you, if this is truly the last summer we will have together. They say that if we are truly in love, fate will pair us together, but I don’t believe that. Even so, if we are to become the 99%, I want every moment to be filled with new experiences and fun conversations to be looked back upon. I will hug you whenever I can, and not be afraid to tell you how much I care for you. I won’t shy away from risks, and I will refuse to have any regrets. 

Hello and goodbye, my cute, nerdy boyfriend. Let’s make the most of this summer.

Thank you for reading this article by Angel Liang, our staff writer! Stay tuned for more works by Angel and our other writers in the future and read more about her here.

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